Farming Programme

We place a higher value on our crops thus we only cultivate Organic / Bio Products. Wealso work closely with different individual farmers whom we educate ,provide quality seeds to, mentor and supervise in order to grow and harvest high quality products that our clients expect.

Farming System

We are highly involved in small scale farming in substantive agricultural land areas despite owning large hectares of farming land. Our small scale farming system consist of farmers between the ages of 25 – 55 both male and female. This is not due to scarcity of farming land but an initiative to provide small scale farmers with better business opportunities, a larger market scale, strengthen the relevance of national foods and nutrition, encourage cooperation within farmers and expansion of farm related employment beyond the rural sector taking.

Farming Practice

We use sustainable traditional farming practices such as integrated pest management, rainwater harvesting and micro irrigation which educates farmers on how to develop and maintain the natural friendly environment together with the sustainable development.

What we farm

Area: Zegelo, Kisarawe